Artista: Richard Wright

Encontrei algumas imagens de Richard Wright pelo site ArtStation e não tem como não se impressionar com seu talento. Ele já fez inúmeros trabalhos para a CMON e Wizards of the Coast e as ilustrações a seguir foram feitas para o jogo CTHULHU – death may die da CMON.

Vejam um pouco mais de suas criações abaixo.

Richard Wright - CMON - Cthulhu - Meteor - Canto do Gargula
Illustration for ‘CTHULHU – death may die’ by CMON – Meteor

Olhe esta cena de Innsmouth:

Richard Wright - CMON - Cthulhu - Innsmouth - Canto do Gargula
Illustration for ‘CTHULHU – death may die’ by CMON – Innsmouth

Vale muito visitar seus trabalhos no ArtStation.

A artista por ele mesmo

“I’m an illustrator and concept artist living and working in the UK. I’ve been working freelance now for nearly 10 years.
I always enjoyed painting and drawing. One of my earliest memories is finger painting at nursery school. I guess everyone is into it at that age but I just never grew (up) out of it. Once I started attending proper school I didn’t find the other classes very interesting – it all seemed too much like hard work.
After school I went on to study Art & Design at art college. My first job was as a graphic designer but I still wanted to be an artist so I would spend all my free time painting and eventually was able to find work as an illustrator for Games Workshop. I then worked at a video games company and that’s where I started learning 3d software and also photoshop.
A couple of years after that I worked at a company called ArkVFX where we created pop promos, commercials and video game cinematics. While I was there I started working freelance on Magic the Gathering and the World of Warcraft trading card games. I eventually decided to leave and work full-time as an illustrator.
Most of my time is spent working inside Photoshop but I also use quite a bit of 3d software as well. I use it for anything where perspective is important or when I want to experiment with different camera positions. The other thing I find indispensible is Google – searching for reference images, inspiration or finding photo textures for use in photoshop.”

Richard Wright artista

Richard Wright

Cidade: Sheffield, Inglaterra


Para ver mais trabalhos desta artista clique aqui.

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